Rabat: Mrs Brigitte Touadéra, First Lady of the Central African Republic, and Mrs Mutinta Hichilema, First Lady of the Republic of Zambia, honoured with the Africanity Trophy (Award for Africanness)

On the occasion of the 11th edition of the African conference on sexual and reproductive health rights, the Africanity Trophy Foundation wishes to highlight the important discussions and significant advances made during this landmark event.

Held in Salé, the conference brought together eminent women politicians, African associations and health experts. Together, they examined the progress made on the continent in terms of sexual and reproductive health, while emphasising the imperative of continuing to mobilise efforts to meet the persistent challenges.

Under the pertinent theme of « Sexual and reproductive health and family well-being in Africa », participants shared innovative ideas and diverse perspectives aimed at promoting greater access to sexual and reproductive health rights. The clear objective was to devise action plans for sustainable and meaningful change.

The event was made possible by the organisation of the Moroccan Family Planning Association (AMPF), in collaboration with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the NGO Action Health Incorporated. He stressed the crucial importance of consolidating Moroccan-African relations to ensure effective coordination of resources dedicated to the health and well-being of families.

The conference was graced by the presence of the First Lady of the Republic of Zambia, Mrs Mutinta Hichilema, who highlighted the progress made in sexual and reproductive health in Africa. She also shared the challenges specific to her country, adopting a life-cycle approach to meeting the needs of women and girls.

Similarly, Mrs Brigitte Touadéra, First Lady of the Central African Republic, drew attention to the high rate of maternal mortality in her country, while presenting investment plans to address it.

IPPF Director General Alvaro Berjmejo highlighted the urgent need for contraception for one in five women in Africa, underlining the challenges of access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health services.

The Trophée de l’Africanité Foundation reiterates its commitment to improving sexual and reproductive health in Africa and strongly supports the initiatives and exchanges promoted at this conference. We call for collective action to ensure a healthier and more equitable future for all African women and girls.

At the conclusion of the 11th African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, the Trophée de l’Africanité Foundation was honoured to close this significant event with a solemn awards ceremony.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the health and well-being of women and children on the African continent, the Foundation has awarded two continental distinctions for outstanding dedication to the cause of women and children. These prestigious awards were presented to the First Ladies invited as guests of honour, testifying to their tireless work and commitment to improving the living conditions and health of the most vulnerable populations in Africa.

The first « Africanity Trophy  » award was presented to Mrs Brigitte Touadéra, First Lady of the Central African Republic, in recognition of her sustained efforts to reduce the maternal mortality rate in her country. Her determination to combat childbirth complications and the consequences of clandestine abortions has been an inspiring example of courage and dedication to gender equality in Africa.

The First Lady of the Republic of Zambia, Mrs Mutinta Hichilema, has been awarded the second « Africanity Trophy » for her active role and significant contribution to the advancement of sexual and reproductive health rights in her country and beyond. Her life-cycle approach has marked a significant advance in addressing the specific needs of women and girls in the face of health challenges, including those related to HIV/AIDS. But also for her dedication to inter-religious dialogue.

The Africanity Trophy Foundation warmly congratulates the winners for their presence at this formidable event, their remarkable work and their deep commitment to improving the living conditions of women and children in Africa. Their example illustrates the strength and resilience of the African spirit and embodies the values that our Foundation strives to promote.

We would like to thank all the organisers, participants, partners and speakers who contributed to the success of this conference. Your commitment to the cause of sexual and reproductive health is essential to building a better future for all generations to come.

Nasrallah Belkhayate

FTA President

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avril 2024